We are Constructive.Bio. Together, we are using world-leading technology to rewrite genomes and create biomolecules that were previously unimaginable. Discover the future of drug discovery and biomanufacturing with us.

About Us

is a disruptive
biotech start-up

[ 01 ] revolutionising biotechnology with two core pillars: whole genome writing and engineered translation.

[ 02 ]We are setting new standards in creating programmable biomolecules for next-generation therapeutics and industrial applications


Based on Jason Chin’s ground breaking research at the MRC-LMB in Cambridge and backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio.



At Constructive.Bio, we’re pioneering
a dual-technology platform

[ 01 ] that combines de-novo genome synthesis and engineered translation. Our patented Syn61 strain serves as the cornerstone, allowing us to expand the genetic code and create biomolecules with unparalleled fidelity and specificity

This unique approach opens new avenues in both

[ 02 ] therapeutics and industrial biomanufacturing. From revolutionising antibody drug conjugates to creating phage-resistant strains, our technology is the key to unlocking the next generation of bioproducts

Our Applications

[ 01 ] Our technology's applications are vast, spanning
from next-generation therapeutics

to sustainable industrial processes. New biologics are just the start of our pipeline, in the future, our technology will unlock the potential of truly programmable biomolecules.

[ 02 ] With the capability to produce strains with resistance against phage infections and intolerance

to horizontal gene transfer, our platform alsopromises reliable, large-scale biomanufacturing.

Constructive.Bio is not just shaping the future of medicine;we're redefining the boundaries of biotechnology across industries


Next-generation Biologics

Going beyond the 20 standard building blocks of life and with our deep amino acid chemistry know-how we thoughtfully design programmable biomolecules with drastically improved properties by incorporating non-canonical amino acids, exploring novel chemical space, and offering robust solutions for industry partners


Fully programable Polymers

Utilizing our unique E. coli strain, Syn61, Constructive Bio leads 
in programmable biomolecule synthesis.



We are setting a new industry standard for bioproduction. We have decades of know-how and the ability to produce any biomolecules at scale. With complete control over the production host, we can design the optimal biofactories of the future.